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Q:  I want to pay by check, do you accept checks and where do I send it?
A:  Yes, we accept good checks.  Make check payable to: Ne Indiana Equine and mail to: 4485 N 450 W, Decatur, IN 46733.  Please be sure to put a note in with your check on which class location and dates you would like to enroll in.

Q: Can I really learn to massage horses in 4 days?

A: Yes!  We keep our classes small, therefore, allowing us to focus on you as a person and not a class.


Q:  Is this a Certification course?

A:  Yes!  Upon completing and passing required testing you will earn your Double Certificate in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and in Rehabilitation Therapy from the Ne Indiana Equine Sports Massage & Rehab Facility.


Q:  What does course fees cover?

A:  Course fees cover your double certification, books, DVD, and lunch daily.


Q:  Do I need to bring my own horse for this course?

A:  No.  All horses are provided for student use.  However, if you would like to bring a horse, please contact the office for more details.


Q:  Why are most class dates split up between two weeks?

A:  On the first 2 days you will learn both front and back half sequence of massage strokes.  During the week off you are asked to massage one horse a day.  By doing this, you will think of a list of questions to bring back with you to class the following week.  When you return for the last 2 days of class, we always start each day with the Instructor massaging a horse.  By doing this, you will then realize that maybe you were doing something not quite right or even missing or skipping steps.  By breaking up the class it seems to help students.


Q: I want to enroll in the course; however, the courses dates offered don’t work with my schedule.  What can I do?

A:  We offer One on One Certification courses at our facility that are scheduled to work with you.  Please contact the office for more information.


Q:  Are there additional fees to schedule a One on One?

A:  No!  Course fees remain the same.


Q:  Does course fees cover my lodging?

A:  No!  Course fees only cover your double certification, books, DVD, and lunch daily.


Q:  Do you offer payment plans for courses?

A:  Yes!  We do offer affordable payment plans for our courses.  Please contact the office for more information.


Q: I would like to enroll, how do I do this?

A: By paying either deposit or full payment, you are then enrolled in our courses.  Upon receiving cleared payment, you will then be sent your enrollment package.  Please allow 7-10 days for this to arrive at your mailbox.


Q:  Are deposits or class payments refundable?

A:  No.  All payments are NON-Refundable; however, we do realize that conflicts with class dates do arise.  Should this happen please contact the office as soon as possible, and we would be happy to transfer you to a new class, or Home Study class.


Q: I would like to host a Certification course at my facility.  How do I schedule this?

A:  Please contact the office for more information including incentives for doing this.


Q:  I would like to talk to past students; do you have these referrals available?

A:  Yes!  We have students all over the United States that have gotten their certification from our facility and would love to share their experiences with you!


Q:  What payment methods do you accept for deposits and full payments?

A:  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards, and Checks.  Checks must be mailed to our facility.  Please contact us if you would prefer to pay using a personal check.

Q:  I am interested in attending the Thermal Body Imaging class, do I have to attend the Equine Massage Class before I can enroll?
A: We do require you complete our Equine Sports Massage & Rehab Therapy 4 day class or our Advanced Equine class to attend the Thermal Body Imaging class.

Q: I want to take the Equine Massage class, but I work/ go to college during the day; do you offer evening/ night class?
A:  Yes!  In 2016 we began offering evening/night classes as a One On One.  Contact the office to schedule your class.

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