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What is Equine Raindrop Therapy?

It is a technique that enhances the immune system, alleviates back pain while relaxing muscles, removes excess toxins, and invigorates the horse.  It has been known to help with respiratory & digestive complaints, anti-infectious, and strengthens the blood capillaries.  It is also beneficial to help horses with heaves, founder, arthritis, EPM, extremely sore, and other neurological disorders.

How is it applied?

Raindrop therapy consists of a series of essential oils that are applied in a sequence at various body locations; along with specific massage strokes that are designed to penetrate and activate the oils into the skin to alleviate muscle soreness.

Live Classes & Home Study class available

Cost: $350  

* Each class is limited to a few students.  All fees must be paid in advance. 

Fees include:

Training, handouts, and certification

Therapeutic grade oils kit


March 24, 2019
May 12, 2019




Mindy Sloan
Mtn. View, Arkansas

Phone: 870-615-0276        

    Associate of Applied Science Degree in Equine Technology from Connors State College

    Certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy, Equine Rehabilitation Therapy, and Rain Drop therapy from NE Indiana Equine Sports Massage and Rehab


    I was born and raised in Mtn. View, Arkansas. I have 20 years’ equine experience in training, showing, and educating. I have been practicing Equine Sports Massage and Rehab therapy for almost three years now and received my certification in Rain Drop therapy in 2014. I give riding lessons, clinics, and work with local youth in my community and around the state of Arkansas. My favorite part of what I do is being able to help educate the public about proper horse care, handling and training methods. I truly love my job and look forward to helping many people and horses in the future.

Class Dates: Please contact Mindy for upcoming classes.

Shawntae Shipley                                

Bloomington, Indiana

Phone: 812-325-5707

    I cannot imagine my life without horses and believe spending time with horses is therapeutic for both them and us. I am the owner of Dierwood Farm Certified Equine Sports Therapies, and cherish every moment I spend with horses. I have loved horses since before I can remember, and have been around horses since I can remember, and have been around horses since I was 8-years old.
     I have an Associate Degree in Agricultural Sales and Service as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Equine Studies, both from Dickinson State University. Dierwood Farm has had horses at all life stages and levels of training. Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the horse provides an understanding of why and how equine sports therapy is extremely important, for all life stages. I believe our horses work hard for us and deserve pampering and sports therapy in return for their partnership. In order to provide the best care for my clients and their owners; I have obtained Certifications in Equine Massage, Equine Equine Rehabilitation, and Equine Raindrop Therapy and continue to learn and grow. It is extremely rewarding observing the difference that equine sports therapies can make in my horses as well as my client's before-during-and after a treatment! I am constantly looking for new methods and therapies to help horses in need.

    Throughout the 20 years that I have had horses, I have been a member of AQHA, NBHA, IJRA, 4-H, and IBRA. I have partnered with multiple wonderful horses, and competed in local, State, National, and World Championship barrel racing. My aspiration is to travel

and compete on the IPRA and WPRA circuit.

Class Dates: Please contact Shawntae for upcoming classes.

Connie Bultemeier                                Decatur, Indiana


     I am the instructor here at the Ne Indiana Equine Sports Massage & Rehab Facility, LLC in Decatur, Indiana. I am the instructor for the Equine Massage & Rehabilitation therapy classes, as well as the Raindrop Therapy classes held here in Decatur.  For more of my bio; please click the ‘About Us’ link.

     We will continue to have a few classes here on Raindrop Therapy.  IF you are interested in learning about the benefits and how to apply the oils to your horse, please feel free to enroll in any of the classes being offered by our instructors at a location near you.

Class Dates: 
March 24, 2019 - California, Kentucky
May 12, 2019 - Decatur, IN





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