Awesome course!  Well planned out.  Always kept my interest and material was presented in a manner that made it easy to learn for all levels of students!  Keep up the great job!!!

Dr. Catherine W


Wow is all I can say from the knowledge provided by this class.  I am so happy I signed up – worth it!

Susan D.

I had such an awesome time with you Connie!!!!!!!!  Thanks for everything!!!!!!

Shawntae S.

One horse massage and feeling great,  2 more to go.  May only get one more done today and do the other one tomorrow.  They’re all feeling better than they have for years though.  Connie Bultemeier, I still can’t thank you enough for being such a great, caring equine massage therapist instructor.

Susan P.

This was a great class.  I will never look at a horse the same way again.  This class brought a lot of attention to issues that I had no idea were problems for my horses.  Thank you so much Connie Bultemeier for showing me the way, so to speak, I will never forget the past week. 

Cecalie. C

Enjoyed the teaching methods.  Came into this very nervous but actually learned so much!  Was surprised to see the blank picture of the horse and be able to actually know the parts, muscles, and functions afterwards.


Need to get word out to more people.  CLASS WAS GREAT!!!  MORE classes please!


Loved the course!  Connie delivered the course in a way that didn't make all the material feel overwhelming, and you build on the knowledge, so it sinks in and makes sense.  So very glad I took the course and saw the ad.
D. Roberts

I had so much fun that I'm sad it's over, and I wish it wasn't.

Really liked all the hands on and reviews before testing.  Also thought coloring and reviews were helpful.

This was an amazing class and should be taken by every horse owner.  Very informative information.  You will never look at a horse or saddle the same again!
Jess H.

Very laid back atmosphere.  Lots of hand on; really get the money's worth of education!  The small classes giving more one on one opportunities.  FIVE STARS!!
Brittany S.

The class was amazing!  I love that we got to work hands on the first day.  The homework helped reinforce what was being learned in the class.  Overall a great experience!

I loved this course!  I was so intrigued all the time, and learning it was so much fun!  Connie is awesome and makes it so amazing.  I couldn't wait till the next class time.  I am so grateful I got to take this course.  I truly do love it!  just more knowledge about my favorite animal!  Thank you!
E. Gill

I think this was a great class that was very educational.  I was amazed at how easy it was to learn & comprehend all of this information.  I think you have it figured out just right to maximize student learning ability.  Thank you for this opportunity!
Kendra W.

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