What is Thermal Body Imaging?


Thermal Body Imaging is a non –invasive imaging technique used to measure the differences in surface temperature of an object being imaged.  Thermal Imaging is defined as the study of heat. Thermal Body Imaging looks at a human or animals’ physiology, and can show areas of heat, infection, inflammation, cold and reduced blood flow in the muscular, vascular, skeletal, and nervous systems.  Thermal Body imaging cameras can detect temperature differences of less than 0.05 degrees centigrade, 40 times more sensitive than that of human hand, location of these changes can often be detected before they can be palpated externally or visually identified.

Benefits of Using Thermal Imaging

        Can be used to help identify:

  • Post-op monitoring to evaluate the possibility of infections and overall recovery
  • As a follow-up and monitor therapeutic activities
  • Muscle pain and/or injury; muscle tears
  • Back problems and/or injury; improper saddle fit
  • Joint & skeletal issues
  • Tendon & ligament issues
  • Identify lameness
  • Hoof balance, abscesses, and bruising, thrush, etc.
  • Dental issues
  • And many more!


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: Decatur, IN
TUITION FEE: $500 (Basic Camera) or $750 (Advanced camera)


Basic Camera & Class /  $500

Advanced Camera & Class/  $750

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